In this wide wide blog…

Yes I have the same butterflies… the very striped, spotted and rainbow-hued ones that fluttered at the pit of your stomach when you created your first blog! It is an utter risk some people are taking allowing loquacious, narcissitic, babblers to create blogs. Blogs of resonant images, that stay or float away unnoticed…blogs of thoughts and ideas that remain in the consciousness…blogs of stale overwritten beliefs reeking on the internet canvas…Blogs rule..Resistance is futile!
So here I am having joined the mesmerized zombiedom of bloggers…

One thought on “In this wide wide blog…

  1. I know I am a random, the chain goes like this –> Orkut “Iyers” Community –> Profile Page –> Blog Link –> Here –>

    As to why I chose to post a comment on this thread :: – I’ve been wondering – whether blogging is really worth our time. Afterall there are millions of bloggers and one’s air time is indirectly propotional to the increasing number of bloggers!

    Reading this reminded me of Francis Bacon –

    “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.”

    Guess the same thing applies to blogs.. remains to be seen as to in which category one’s blog falls into :)–>

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