As a leo, if there is one thing I love those are compliments. People can get me to walk upside down or eat a spider
by giving me compliments. It is weird but true. Sometimes I know they are lying. There is a twinge in one corner of my
cerebrum, cerebellum or whatever that is instructing me to keep my cool and take all compliments with a pinch of NaCl but
deep down some chemical reaction begins. Helium Hydrogen and argon krpton xenons begin to inflate me. I fly. Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!
I am flying but wait a minute….Oh no there is a hidden catch. It goes like this “You are the sweetest girl I ve ever met
(tsk..tsk..tsk) You are really one of those kind people I ve known (fly fly fly) Can you please…(huh!!) write my
assignment? (pop…boing..boing..boing…bump…crash!!!)” I love giving compliments too, to the extent people think I am overreacting to situations. But reallly believe me, I am
complimentable. (Oh you ve stooped to the level of advertising for compliments..) Now why did I blog this? Yesterday somebody
said I look cute…teehee..*giggle ….There I go again!

5 thoughts on “Compliments

  1. Everyone likes to be complimented whether they would agree or not!! It keeps everyone going… I too like to be complimented… which usually doesn’t happen..

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