Lessons from a cycle and a book

I was thinking of the great times I had on my cycle. It was my dad’s gift for my 15th birthday. I had it for three years when one day my dad gave it away to my niece without asking me a word. I was like what the hell….and when I went to my niece’s place I found the cycle rusting and rotting. On Saturday, I went to G.N. Chetty Road with my dad to buy a new cycle. I don’t know how many Indian women ride a cycle at 22 years but I don’t give a damn anyways. I love cycling and anybody who thinks I should not can go take a walk(!!) I bought a pink and silver ladybird sport. After nearly four years I rode my cycle yesterday. I believed I would fall, but I took to it like fish to water. I went for a long ride and it was the happiest time in my life after ….wellllll…. a really long time! I pedalled my life out with the breeze blowing on my face. I was so free, happy and happy. My face was blushing and glowing when I came home. I was wondering if I had wasted all these years without a cycle. Simple pleasures can be the greatest of thrills!
I was reading a book called Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt (1997 Pulitzer winner). The book is about the harrowing childhood of this Irish man and how he survived it… A lesson I should say. I found many similarities to Vernon God Little by DBC Pierce (Man Booker winner) I learnt of how many things I take for granted in life.. electricity for example. I decided to complain less about the things I have.The child Frank McCourt survives with one torn shirt and very less food for several months. It is horrifying. Well….I guess I have a lot more to learn and value!

3 thoughts on “Lessons from a cycle and a book

  1. btw, just 2 add… came in thru orkut.. u can see my posts in OI!!
    u frm trichy, i studied in trichy fr 2.5yrs & still ‘ve fond memories of that place..

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