I don’t know about you but for me most friendships that begin with a contention work out better. It is better to know the negative side of someone before knowing their positive traits.

I have always wondered about love marriages. My friends get married to the guys they love. Till then every time they met him they wore lipstick, eyeshadow, lip gloss and almost everything to hide their face. The very next morning after the wedding they get up from bed in full glory non-made up face. The guy initially begins to wonder if it is the same girl he had been seeing. That apart, the girl starts doing the weirdest things. “Hey wait a minute is this my angel?! She is doing the common things like brushing her teeth and stuff. What nonsense! And why is she looking so ordinary….why is she not smelling so fragrant as she used to…why is she not using the sweethearts and darlings that she used before wedding…why is she glaring at me when I eat my food in that messy fashion (like i used to)…why is she not putting up with my friends…why is she not letting me smoke (she used to like it)…why is she not letting me out latenights..oh my bachelor days are over…boohoo”

This is what the guy starts to think but I have a word for these guys. Can u change your thought pattern a bit? “Hey This indeed is my angel….Yes she has come down to the earth to live with me..which is why she does things which I do…Why is she not living with her parents..Why has she sacrificed her friendships for my sake…What is the need to call me sweetheart or darling when she is living with me which is more than all those words could do..Why can’t I change my bachelor ways if she could change so much for my sake…How could I smoke and spoil my health if I have to take care of her health as well…Why the hell should I even dream of spending a latenight with my silly friends when I have better 😉 things to do with her…Yes my hubby days have begun and she is gonna love me for it”

Yeah change of perspectives can do a world of good for all of us in almost everything we do. We look at life in black and white. Come on people..there are infinite ways of looking at all men with Gamophobia (fear of marriage) reconsider your decisions…

4 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. The changed perspective is good.. but I think arranged marriage may have more of this situation.. u know… Love le 90% u would have seen a lot of each other at different times… so lesser surprise (Of course.. if somebody changes mentally… thats different).. but arranged – u may have someone more artificial for those few days and later it is hell… wht say???

  2. this reminds of a movie in which Goundamani & Senthil are there. Goundamani has a daugther who looks so blackish & no 1 is prepared 2 marry her. to get her married 2 senthil he does some painting on her face. The next day after marriage she goes for a bath and the whole paint gets washed off…. senthil sees the paint going down the drain & gets suspicious, later she comes out of bath & senthil is horrified…

    ur article made me rewind 2 this story… but what u say is quite true… (am not married though)

  3. hey..Correct me if i am wrong. u were trying to say that its the girls who change their outlook and personality right after marriage. right? Wouldnt those thoughts come to the guy naturally?
    “Only good Changes are progressive”. if a person who wears lipstick and blah blah…to go meet her heartthrob just to woo him, thats just not portraying thy self to that person, is it? So why that drama in the first place. There wouldnt be a question of these reactions by guys at a later stage. Beauty is skin deep-agreed. Following that from the beginning will reduce much hassle…thats what i am trying to say.:)
    Cheers..nice thought anyway

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