Vague recollections in the Void

This is a poem i wrote long back. My blog is named after this poem!
Something’s amiss! today
Awake ‘I’ feels dreamy
Asleep ‘I’ is alert
After a storm comes the calm
Every calm does not have
A preceding storm.
dreaming away ‘I’ floats
The void is beautiful
I am hypocritic I don’t know
I cannot even explain this writing flow
It is not ‘me’ but still it could be
Surrealism probably is not my cup-of-tea
Someone inside ‘me’ is writing this
That is why I told you something’s amiss!

4 thoughts on “Vague recollections in the Void

  1. seems ilke u r trying 2 look at urself from outside..and this being is directing the ‘you’ 2 write the lines. seems like a schism in ur being. if i am right then u must’ve had hell to pay (speaking from personal experience)

  2. @Bhaskar

    The poem was written in a transcendental frame of mind. It is in its most uncut form. It is a paradox. The ‘self’ is essentially conscious of itself and another being within itself. The another being is conscious as well. It is a vague state to be in..Depressing!–>

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