An absurd play

My teacher was doing an absurd play called “Endgame” by Samuel Beckett. People were roaring with laughter. It was getting more and more hopeless, comical and absurd. I began to cry. Oh no! I am not suffering from thinking abnormal. The play was so real..not funny at all. The setting is no where…in a room surrounded by void and all life is extinct. There is Hamm, a blind red-faced man who cannot move from his wheelchair. There is Clov, a slave who obeys Hamm’s orders to the T (or pretends to obey) with a strange handicap- he cannot sit. There is Nagg, Hamm’s father, a cripple with two stumps for legs sitting inside a dustbin in front of Hamm. There is Nell, Hamm’s mother, another cripple with two stumps for legs sitting inside another dustbin in front of Hamm. They are afraid of life and afraid of death. Clov is required to bring food from the kitchen and to entertain Hamm by answering his questions and by listening to his stories. Hamm believes he is in control because he is the only one who knows the combination to the larder where food is kept. He also wishes that his chair be placed exactly in the centre of the room or gets wild and impatient. There is no mention of how he gets to the larder. So Clov needs Hamm for food. The communication between the four is totally ridiculous. Questions are answered even before one hears it. Predictions are made. Hopeless and silly ideas come out in the form of desperate solutions. They fear all life forms that are capable of procreation, of bringing the extinct world back to buzzing activity. They kill a flea and a rat with such urgency for fear that they would reproduce and the morbid cycle of events would begin again. Nell dies inside the dustbin. Finally Clov leaves the house after spotting a small boy outside the house, the first life they have seen in ages. Clov deserts the blind and lame Hamm on his wheelchair and crippled Nagg inside the dustbin…the story ends with Hamm whistling out to Clov and realizing he has left.
The absurdity of the story would bring an existential sarcastic laugh…but I cannot look at it from a cold sardonic eye..yes Hamm is a blind handicapped egoistic man who has lost his mother..and losing a mother hurts…I cannot laugh at it.

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