Life keeps talking…

Walking down the street life keeps talking…strewn all over the ground are messages from distant memories. Withered flowers (Mortality), Fresh Flowers (Waiting for love), Blank papers (Neglected), Scribbled papers (Out of record), Crumpled papers (Better ideas), Cigarette butts (Suicide), Matches (Do or die), Broken pencils (Aging), Dry Leaves (Retirement), Shit (Elimination of Past), Spit (Rejected)….I watch out for these hints brought out entirely by associationism. I don’t want to step over the shit or the spit with disgust. Life is nothing but learning and unlearning…don’t want to fill my head with things…things that may change tomorrow. Like Hugh Prather says in his ‘Notes to Myself’, “What makes me think I am wiser today than I will be tomorrow?” I don’t want to think and make sequences in my life, formulae for words gestures and expressions. No! Past experiences might have been different..I totally believe in life’s possibilities and miracles!

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