The Unwritten Song

Will I ever write
That unwritten song of mine?
The one I thought of standing scorched
In the pouring rain…

When light revealed itself
In a dog’s nocturnal eyes
When the star of a past date shone
Like an oracle from the skies

When shadows grew and shrank
And clouds turned from elephants
To giant ants
When wobbly spider webs were woven
Onto the twigs of withering plants

A day was here and now it was not
When people were here and now apart
A smile of some yesterday
Flits across my mind
In the tears of some ‘no-more-sadness’
Another smile I find

A world that cannot tolerate
Change in any form
Is bewildered by my state
That sticks to no norm

I am a butterfly
A phoenix from the ashes
A resurrected carcass
A dot among the dashes

I am a new phenomenon
An experimental life
A laboratory specimen
A resharpened knife

Should I now write
My unwritten song?
I am immortal
At least prolonged

I am a dream captured
In a photograph
A little tear in your eye
I am when you laugh

A full moon has phases
From crescent to round
Like my thousand faces
Each of which I found

Shuttling between death and life
Recovery and relapse
I am living to live
Eluding elapse

The eclipse can hide the moon
But cannot erase
That gorgeous glowing sphere
And its gorgeous glowing ways…

5 thoughts on “The Unwritten Song

  1. All i need to do wenever I am pissed off,is read ur blog. I dont claim to know u, but luv the way u express urself, one of those ppl eternally happy. “Unwritten song” reminds me of Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’ happy abandon n wanton thoughts 🙂


  2. Hi Raoul…Thanks..
    However this song is not a wanton song. It is the song of a patient recovered from Endstage Renal Disease…with a transplant! I am happy if the fights I fought,make sense to someone else!

  3. Well, the poem has amny happy moments, a few sad ones too, which make one realise that there is an undertone, something in the past, which u have lived through.

    “Shuttling between death and life
    Recovery and relapse
    I am living to live
    Eluding elapse”
    Now I realise that the above para was written in earnest; previously I had taken it to appear like a figure of speech. Good to know that u have recovered, else the beauty of ur poems may have been lost to us. 🙂 Keep well. (I had no idea that there was soemthing called Endstage Renal Disease, lack of knowledge on part of someone who believes in the immortality of the soul 😀 )

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