Who Casts the First Stone?

I know you once wanted
To murder someone you hated
The modus operandi was complicated
And you didn’t want to be decapitated
So you stopped with the dreaming
But was he executed?-
The criminal called ‘Hatred’
Who made you accomplice to his scheming?


Let us reform the world
Let us put up a fight
The world is spinning the wrong way
Let us set things right
Let us make finite proportions
Laws, rules and theories
But, give me one good reason
Why these things should be?


Let us make justifications
We know everyone does
To err is human, they say
So, why not us?
Since Man evolved he has been erring
Errors…big ones, small ones
Harmless ones (as some put it)
Accidental, Circumstantial, Justifiable
Reasonable, Understandable
Ones that could be overlooked
Punishable and the UNFORGIVABLE.


I have a disease
I suffer from impunity
I commit sins
But nobody beheads me
Every method of crime has been invented
Researched, examined, experimented,
Tried and tested, works perfectly
Thanks to the deserving “Criminal Community”
But is that a society or a clan?
I thought it was in every man
Oh, Don’t rob the criminal of the credit
He wants you to wonder “Whodunit?”


How to murder? Let us analyze…
Slaughter, Poison, Asphyxiate, Stab,
Shoot – Blow the brains to smithereens,
Make him run till his heart bursts
Then slay him, butcher him
O Yes! It is a sport!
Suicide is an offense, Euthanasia goes with permit,
Homicide is wrong, yet Execution is legitimate.
It is essential that the government killed
To save the taxpayers who are billed…


Blessed are the law-breakers
For, they shall be escorted to heaven
Eradicate crimes with electric switches
(Audience allowed)
A halter, even better
Choking seems better than frying
If he had sense enough he would
In ‘after-life’ remember to be good
How about stoning? yeah, that should teach him
Teach him what..and why teach a dead man!
Who knows just grab a stone
The bigger, the better!


Death begets death
Nothing comes from nothing
If the judge has the right to kill
Is n’t he sinning?
When a soldier has the right to kill
So does the terrorist
If you think I am wrong
Well, add me to your hit-list
“Son you are an angel,”
Did you hear God tell?
“So punish all the wrong-doers
Give them the hell”
Who cares if someone’s life is at stake
It is after all a bubble about to break
I can take revenge repeating his mistake.


Murderers will continue to exist
So will thieves, rapists and gangsters…
The world wil continue
Christs are crucified too
Learn to evolve O primitive one!
“Sinners” will never be extinct as a species
I am not commiting heresy
But God sent us Jesus not Nemesis.
Then how do we stop criminals?
Oh no! We cannot
They cannot be exterminated
For, in the process we join their lot.


There’s a convict in everybody
A sinner and a criminal
There’s a courtroom inside you
Accused Prosecutor and Judge
The judge generally acquits you
Though With others he doesn’t budge
He who hath committed no sin
Let him cast the first stone
“The stone is heavy, I will wait
Quick! Somebody cast the first one!”


Vindication is easier to spell
Than vindictiveness.
There is a criminal in you
And in everyone else
He does not mind overruling
His own conscience
He blindly submits to instincts
To impulses
He has ready excuses
(Once in a way is ok)
He often loses control
He wounds with his tongue
He kills with his words
He knows how to let
The inner voice go unheard.


You are a moral criminal
In your own private world
You murder, you rape and rob
It is ok you say
It does not harm anyone
You’re not in anybody’s way
Then how can you exclaim with horror
At the acts of a serial killer
He carried out your thoughts
He connected the dots
Yet you won’t forgive
Lest he should survive


If he should be roasted alive
And you can survive
If he deserved to die
And you have no faults to hide
O! Then you must be
The Messiah that hath arrived…


This is in memory
Of those who writhed in agony
In the hands of beheaders
Choked in halters
Burnt in fires
Felt the spine on fire
Pinned to an electric wire
The scapegoats who carried
The world’s cross on their shoulders
The sacrifices made
To power hungry Molochs
The resurrected guilt
Death with audience
The incinerated, the decollated
The immolated, the deleted
The annihilated, the electrocuted
The eliminated, the incarcerated.
This is a tear shed
For the hatred and the hated…

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