A dose of practicality..

I am a dreamer and an idealist alright. Once in a way, the world requires some practicality else you watch yourself being dragged away by the currents of your unfulfilled fanatsies..Here is a very deromanticized concept of religion in a poem I wrote..

“The God made the world and all things in it.”
Said the priest.
“Ah!” said the crowd.
“He killed the demons and danced on Kalinga’s hoods”
“Aha!” said the crowd.
“He magnified Himself and grew bigger than the Universe”
The crowd gaped wide-mouthed in awe.
After the sermon under the banyan…
They dusted their backs and went back
To fight the demons of poverty and pain.
After all,
The Banyan is not a Bodhi tree, Is it?

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