Transcendent Unspiritual Dot

I stand gazing
Like an insignificant dot
Into a wide void

The sand in all its gentle roughness
Like the stubbles on his cheeks
Clutches at my soles
Rubbing its warmth against me

Gripping friction
Sinking feet
Deeper harder fluid solid granules

My lips are salty
My hair flies wild
Wild as that kite that leaps away
From the string that holds it
Free to descend and die
Wild as my shameless dreams
Running berserk

A deep sigh emerges
From some unexplored part of my heart
Drowned by the sighs of the sea.
I listen and watch
The breathing world
Breathing men Breathing women
Breathing lives Breathing beings
Breathing rich Breathing poor
Breathing young Breathing old
Inhaling exhaling
Breathing dogs trotting along
Breathing sighs and moans
Drowning the sighs of the sea.

A dream tangible floats
Like Tantalus’ sweet grapes
While the sea morphs into Lethe
The dream transcends my mind
Like a silvery cloud
Oblivion rings in my ears
Like a prayer wheel
Voices call out disparately unique
Waterfall gurgles, crackles, groans

Colous throb
Inside my eyelid a movie emerges
Bottle greens purples reds
Dots circles vibrating waves
Viscous colours merging and moving

The insignificant dot magnified
Grows like an orgasm
Touches a crescendo
Fountains of nothingness
Heady fragrances and odours
An orchestra of whispers
Primordial reverberations
Sinking and rising
A nothingness
Smaller than the dot
Filling up the whole
Silent it stood
Silent like an ominous eye
Silent.. Still and quivering..


2 thoughts on “Transcendent Unspiritual Dot

  1. This reminds me of the Total Perspective Vortex in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Douglas Adams)

    ..found my way here from Ashwin’s Orkut page.. Nice blog!

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