Write purple…

I want words that are not old,
Not used, worn-out, stale and outdated.
Words fresh, unheard of before
Something like “sumpcrurituioslyclinkwibidifegism”
Full of pronounciations
Like a Sanskrit incantation
Tired of the same groaning squeaking wheels
Of ‘language unlubricated’
Screech screeching ineffectively..

I want words that would
Express my deepest fantasies
And the myriad colours in them.
Understood and not gibberish
Responded to, reacted to,
And criticized just like any existent clanging…

My tongue and vocal chords
Other paraphrenalia of speech production
Are capable of a thousand resonant sounds.
My language should sound like a wave
Crashing uninhibitedly on unassuming heads.
Like the awesome abracadabra
Rousing the voodoo dolls
And the zombies
Like an African witch doctor’s hollering
Like the primordial “Aum”
Heard in the depth of the night
And in the buzzing radio.
Like the muezzin’s call
At the breaking of dawn
Like a crashing collapsible door
Like thin sheets of noisy tin
Like a burning paper
Like the telling of beads
Like a crumpled plastic bag
Like a blade twanging between teeth
Like a carpenter’s router
“hARR hARR” earful of noises
My utterances should turn heads, cranky and curious
I lack the murmuring bees and growling dogs
And the chalchalchal of a brook…
Why should I settle for
Ever-repeated clusters of phonemes?

“Lunatic” they call me
For lack of a better word.
They tone down the force
Cut and size thoughts
Clamping their minds to strait-jackets
Of available words and meanings.

Language has killed my clairvoyances
The pregnant silences are now filled with babbles
Emptying my lungs out like vacuum
Intense passion sounds like a mere windy whisper
Moans, groans and screams can reveal more

Onamatopoeia excluded
Arbitrary language and conventional meanings
Crippling wordlessnesses
My world lies twisted bleeding
Every word becomes a convulsion
Spitting itself out with a cough
Spaceless and limited
My world lies breathless
A garrotte sliding down its neck
Unknown and killing

My indignance toned down to suave phrases
My frustration interpreted like grey theory
I am tired and crawling out of the lack
I want to fill the “spacelessness”
With my own original non-conforming yet-to-be-born ______s.

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11 thoughts on “Write purple…

  1. you do end up feeling the void (u’ve beautifully described that one) and the possible wordless variants and expressions, which you may not be able to articulate perfectly, even if you do choose to break out of silence when you don’t get the. but is there any other way? i mean – what can substitute words… people around us, at least not all those we’d like to solicit reactions from, can figure out too much from our unique, and sometimes queer (relative, of course) body language. i’d rather settle for “time is the best healer”.

    p.s. a very nice poem… thought provoking… and a pretty title šŸ™‚

  2. Shashi..thank you..

    Well..I too am wondering what can substitute words..because we have over time killed the possibility of clairvoyance…meaningful silences are more often interpreted as indifference or arrogance..We would continue to settle for words..”This is the way the world ends..not with a bang but a whimper” (this is poem is supposedly an attempt at fighting the fatalist in me!!!)

  3. Hi, no exaggeration, your usage of these words had all those effects that you have desired to have – the sound of waves, Om, burning paper, the telling of beads and all that..to me, really. You are gifted with the ability to use these “worn out” words so powerfully and so creatively that they all sound “new” in your poems. I agree feelings are the best language but we have lost the ability to relate to each other’s feelings instinctively that we need empty words to express them (albeit lamely) and hope to have a semblance of understanding.
    Loved the poem, the thought and the expression.

  4. really good concept … i liked it .. except somewhere in the middle .. the noises that u describe create a bit of jarring…. like theyre not peaceful noises…. i wouldnt want to sound like a collapsing door… or a carpenter’s router…. those are just disturbing sounds…. dunno.. think it disturbs the flow of the piece… just my opinion….. but an awesome idea…. i wish id thought of it

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