Evocations to Phoenix-Raiser

Daub my flimsy paper heart
With broken crayons
Sunset oranges
Blue blue rivers
Bumble bees
Homes with fences
Laden mango trees
Crows flying nestwards
Lamps glowing
Windows watching
Flowers twinkling like
Coloured stars.

Dress up my dolls
In sequinned frocks
Sketch pen dots
Strings of pearls
Little scarves
Laces and love..

On umbrella days
Cheek pressed to cold grilles
Tongue licking sour metal
Peer at paper boats
Bubbles and ripples.

Climb creaking ladders
Clutching hands tight
Watch sunsets
Hear distant trains.

In old bookcases
With quaint smells
Of ancient pages
Of rusty dreams
Rummage for relics
Of a past birth.

Weep to young ancestors
On old studio photographs
Clasp rosaries tight
With books of incantations
To invoke ancient Gods
To nameless gods
And gods with thousand names.

Console me with
The unpredictability of tomorrows
Dead men rising
Babies smiling
In serene sleep
Of falling in love
Once again with life.

My Prince
Come steal me away
On a blue horse named “dReAmS”
Whisper in my ears
Secrets smudged by warm breath
Gift me with dreams
Of rainy summer evenings
With sunshine and sunflower fields
Dripping with fragrant rain
Wet earth kissing barefeet..
On starry night skies
With conundrums on existence
Wonder with me..
In butterfly gardens
On breezy mornings
Laugh with me…
When December dawns
Send cool misty winds
Shower me with sleepy kisses…
When Gulmohurs bloom
Like uncontained desires
Pick them with me…
In dreary rooms
Dried coffee mugs
Shuffling feet
Shifty eyes
Rustling books
Barred windows
Closed doors to rain
Open umbrellas
Tables etched
With runes on failed love
In lonely cities
Lost alleyways
Taciturn neighbours
Trundling like a misfit
When I stoop to pick up
An ignored dream
Across lonely noons with strangers
Broken twigs
Withered leaves
And unseen flowers
Stay with me…

15 thoughts on “Evocations to Phoenix-Raiser

  1. This is very very abstract, childlike too. Simply amazing, especially those few lines:

    “Console me with
    The unpredictability of tomorrows”

    “Trundling like a misfit
    When I stoop to pick up
    An ignored dream
    Across lonely noons with strangers
    Broken twigs
    Withered leaves
    And unseen flowers
    Stay with me…”

    Whats with the “blue horse named ‘dReAmS’? Didnt understand that bit.

  2. Blue is the colour associated with illusion.A horse is known for its speed…the speed of thoughts.The mind horse with its illusions of you…carry me away on those!

  3. I swear I will read this every single time I feel deserted by hope and love… I will console myself by subliming in hope and indulging in every dream of mine, and return back to the mundane, fresh and innocent… to fall in love with life again, pouting my extravagant dreams and laughing in joy, forgetting to get addled by cynicism, deception and desperation. do write many more poems of this sort. kudos!

  4. Yep, I used it in a terribly overwrought poem I wrote in high school. Though to be accurate it was “trundled” not “trundling”, in my case.

    I actually wish I had not wasted such a cool term, in such a bad poem, as it’s not the sort word you can invoke more than few times.

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