Waiting for God(ot)…

Sighing, dreaming, longing, wishful thinking, waiting…

vāraNam āyiram sūzha valam seidu
nāraNan nambi nadakkinRān ennedir
pūraNa poRkudam vaittup puRam eñgum
toraNam nāttak kanāk kaNden tozhi nān

A thousand elephants, śri nāraNan surround
He is on an auspicious procession around
Brimming golden vases, in his way gleamed
And streamers were planted, tozhi I dreamed..

These are the well-loved lines from “nāchiyār tirumozhi” by āndāL . āndāL pining for the love of śri nāraNan is dreaming of a procession with śri nāraNan at its helm. He shall come and ask for her hand in marriage flanked by a thousand elephants, golden vases brimming with auspicious water placed in his way, streamers and flags planted everywhere in great fanfare. āndāL confides in her girlfriend this beautiful dream of hers.

For umā in kumārasambhavam by kālidāsā, it is a dream come true. After all she won the heart of Shiva: after a great struggle, self-restraint and penance.

athaushadhīnāmadhipasya vrdhau tithaucha jāmitragunānvithāyām sametabandurhimavān sutāyā vivāhadīkśāvithimanvathiśtath

On that day when the Lord of Herbs (moon) waxed Himavān surrounded by his relatives began arrangements for the marriage of his daughter.

vaivāhikairkautukasamvidānairgrhe grhe vyagrapurandrivargham āsitpurasanumatoanurāgānta puramcheikakulopameyam

With the approach of the auspicious wedding, every household took on a festive mood. The harem and the rest of the city became as one family.

santānakākīrNamahāpatham tachīnāmśukairkalpitaketumālam bhāsojvalatkāncanatoranānām stānāntaram svaragaivābabhāse

With the large road strewn with santānaka flowers, the flags and banners made of China silk, the golden festoons shimmering brightly, the city looked like a heaven in yet another place.

..and so it goes. The whole of the 7th canto in kumārasambhavam talks of the marriage of Shiva and umā. The bedecking of the bride and groom, the bridegroom’s arrival, the initial rituals, the offering of lāja into the fire, the seven steps and the ceremony of the toe-ring are all described in an amazingly beautiful manner.

9 thoughts on “Waiting for God(ot)…

  1. Are those your paintings too?
    I think someone as gifted you is to be the object ( I mean in a grammatical sense please) of waiting rather than being the subject. If a divine child had to experience the pangs, why should we humans be exempt?

  2. Oh no..those are not my paintings…though I do paint…anatomically-challenged stuff!! 😀

    Yes…that is why I brought in an existentialist perspective with the title ‘Waiting for Godot”…

    ..and I am flattered by the subject-object remark you made…hehehe..letz see if “someone” notices! :p…jus kidding!

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