Myth to Mindscape

Note: I have attempted a retelling of the Cupid and Psyche myth which is one of my all-time favorites. Here Psyche would be seen as the human psyche. Cupid as love. Venus as Providence. Persephone as innocence and the season of spring.

Born in royal grace and in innocence, the psyche gets abandoned in the dark woods of life, at the bidding of jealous gods. When dwelling in a phantasmal palace all flora and fauna become the psyche’s companions in reality and fantasy. Eluding jealous providence, Love sustains the psyche. When the psyche attempts to probe the nature and form of love, love is broken down into analytical bits and leaves the psyche in meaningless rage. The psyche mourns and craves for love, waits in anguish and emptiness. The psyche has only fantasies for friends. Providence prevents love from healing the psyche. It finds the psyche in a state of vulnerable mourning. It banishes the psyche to the depths of abysmal mindscape that simulates hell, to retrieve a casket of mystery guided by the essence of spring and innocence. Leaning over surreal precipices that could drive her into perilous chasms of lunacy the psyche descends into the hell of suffering with near insane oblivion. Spring brings back the hope of reunion with love. The casket of mystery is not to be probed until the psyche reaches the levels of human reality back to rational thought levels, back to normalcy, back to earth. Alas! The psyche cannot but probe, analyze, dissect, understand, know, ponder, reason out and believe. Despite having lost love once attempting to understand its nature, the psyche resorted to dissection again. Driven by the great desire to know, the psyche probes the forbidden. Attempting to understand the mysteries of life, death and love, and unable to cope with the conflicts presented, the psyche loses consciousness. Unable to come to terms with the unknowable, the psyche is thrust into untold anguish. Love arrives to rescue and revitalize the psyche. Love teaches acceptance..Love carries the psyche far away into the dark woods of life and the palace of dreams and fantasies against conniving providence into an escapade of hallucinations.

3 thoughts on “Myth to Mindscape

  1. what happens to psyche in the end? is she angry with providence? is she happy with love? does she like the world of hallucinations?

    the veil of allegory is tenuous even though so many questions are unanswered (can’t whisper on the net can I?)…nice writing by the way.

  2. What happens to the psyche in the end is that love leads her back to sanity..and they live happily everafter! You must not question this unrealistic ending..reality certainly does not work like this. For the psyche,escapism, into a world of irrational, unrealism and fantasy, is a defense mechanism. To analyze if this mechanism is right or wrong would be another discussion altogether.

    By the way, you proved exactly what the psyche does…ask, criticize, dissect!

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