Would you know this is for you?


Surrounded by a whirlpool of things I have to do, to remain accepted in this world,

Succumbing to my orphan spirit, I visited your memories.

I assume listening to “Woh Lamhe” did this to me..

Why do I try to get back at you in silly ways?

I imagine all that you write, is for me…

I know it is not.

I ll curl up.


15 thoughts on “Would you know this is for you?

  1. Whom? 😐
    …besides you don’t even know what this is about..now it is my turn to laugh..hahaha!

    ..and how do you know it is a “him’? 😀

  2. Shashi..you’re incorrigible! Whatz with you..why are you picking on this post? :p Come on the shoutbox..letz put some arbitations!

    Uwaahh..Now you’ve killed the spirit of my whole melancholic post..

  3. hmm..
    sometimes the best thing to do, is indeed to curl up and sleep..

    for if the memory was meant to be left behind, sleep just does that.

  4. why does everything abt ur happiness have to be linked with him? should he not add meaning to ur happiness rather than constitute it?

    So very true from Romantic by Twilight. I would reiterate the same.

  5. Never thought this post will attract so many comments…anyways we all have such moments..don’t we?

    Did I ask you guys for a solution? Men!!!!

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