Me too…

The Blank Noise Project. I had not wanted to write something pseudo about it. It is shocking to see how many women have been through the kind of things I went through. In all of feminist literature, we study about the lack of the “We” factor in women of different classes, races and countries. I think blogosphere will erase these boundaries.

Looking back, I feel I have enough hurtful experiences with eve-teasing. I would like to add child abuse to this. I am not the types who can openly talk about it. It is sad to note that eve-teasing exists not only in real life but also online.

For those of you who log into Orkut,I would like to show you a community of about 131+ men who do nothing but post pictures of women, who you may meet in your day-to-day life, and make lewd comments. These pictures could be the pictures of your best friends, your sisters, your cousins, your nieces and so on. Most of my friends who visit this blog, might have already heard me talk about this. I know your reactions already. One of bored dismissal. However, this is for the others who may not have seen it before or heard me talk about it. I have enabled anonymous comments. Please give me your support.

There are several threads on their community abusing me because I was one woman sensible enough and bold enough to question them. I link to their community which they call Tamil Helmet. Till date, these men have not realized how it hurts a woman when she is judged, rated, commented upon or categorized.However, I have managed something useful. Now these men fear creatures like me and have begun posting encrypted links, to avoid prying eyes. Look at these educated minds that apply knowledge to assist their criminal behaviour.

Well, I know they always consider such stunts by me as publicity. It would n’t make a difference to the world if there were 20 bastards or 22,000. Each one has his own brains to make choices. If some more of you who read this, add yourself upto this group of bad examples, nobody can really expect anything better from you, right?

The unfortunate thing is that none of the women I knew, supported me in stopping them. Some of them told me it was just “guy talk”! Is that a justification? One girl went so far as to add some of these men to her friends list. I presume this was because they had praised her looks. Another girl has gone to the extent of ruining my reputation by telling some of my friends that I am a woman of loose morals and that they could try for one-night stands with me. Why? Because I had exposed one of her male friends who was part of the community.

Finally, here is a post by Annie that touched me deeply. It is called “Streets, stories, strategies”. You men out there! The next time you look at a woman as a sexual object, as a carnal body, as sensual excitement, think! It hurts. It hurts all of us. When it hurts all of us, why don’t you stop to think? If you think all the women out there in the world are meant for the pleasures of your fantasy world, you are a moral criminal and no better than the eve-teasers who seek to translate their thoughts into action… I may be hypersensitive when it comes to ethics but these things, I believe, are basic.

For the women out there! We shall continue to survive.

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