Handwriting Test

I recommend this amazing handwriting test to all of you. Do it a bit seriously. It was bang-on when I took it!

Here is an edited (censored!!) version of my report…

Lioness has left lots of white space on the right side of the paper and the writing seems to be moving leftward as it creeps down the page. She has a fear of moving forward. She seems unwilling to face the fear of getting started living now and planning for the future. Lioness seems to be clinging to past events, withdrawing, and spending lots of time thinking about what happened or what might happen in the future.

Lioness exaggerates about everything that has a physical nature. Although she may not intend to deceive or mislead, she blows things way out of proportion because that is the way she views them. She will be a good story teller. This exaggeration relates to all areas of her material world. Lioness allows many people into her life because she is accepting and trusting. She is sometimes called gullible by her friends. That only really means that she trusts too many people. Lioness has a vivid imagination.

Lioness has a healthy imagination and displays a fair amount of trust. She lets new people into her circle of friends. She uses her imagination to understand new ideas, things, and people.

Something is incomplete in Lioness’s life. Somewhere in her life there is some disappointment, non-fulfillment, and interruption.

Lioness has a temper. She uses this as a defense mechanism when she doesn’t understand how to handle a situation.

Lioness is sarcastic. This is a defense mechanism designed to protect her ego when she feels hurt. She pokes people harder than she gets poked. These sarcastic remarks can be very funny. They can also be harsh, bitter, and caustic at the same time.

In reference to Lioness’s mental abilities, she has a very investigating and creating mind. She investigates projects rapidly because she is curious about many things. When Lioness slows down, then she becomes more creative than before. She has the best of two kinds of minds. One is the quick investigating mind. The other is the creative mind. Her mind thinks quick and rapidly in the investigative mode. She can learn quicker, investigate more, and think faster. Lioness can then switch into her low gear. When she is in the slower mode, she can be creative, remember longer and stack facts in a logical manner. She is more logical this way and can climb mental mountains with a much better grip.

…and so it goes on….

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