Psyche’s Night

When night drove on her chariot, old
She wrapped her mysteries in stone-cold

A disturbed bird uttered a coo
A painful tear painted it blue

When fragrant flowers filled the bower
Moonlight drowned the forest tower

The lonely maiden lay awake
As fishes ruffled the rippling lake

The night held a thousand songs
For fluttering hearts where love belongs

When all was quiet except the night
To the wildest hearts everything is right

Oh! What is it that pierced my heart?
Sans doubt it is the Cupid’s dart

Wild and wet red drops did gleam
A rain of fire, It’s Cupid’s dream

She melted in his powerful arms
Cupid’s quiver was full of charms

The dark dream of Cupid’s presence
Enveloped her very essence

Wings of Time took a feathery leap
Love was lost in slumber deep

When Psyche bathed in moonlit beams
Cupid is true yet Cupid is a dream

As daylight raised its grayish head
Cool mist gathered round their stead

The palace rooms teemed with mist
In long harmony their lips kissed

Psyche’s lashes dripped with dreams
Cupid is real yet Cupid ‘seems’

Farewell Psyche! When I return
Do not let the candles burn

When all is dark and everything is right
It is yet another Psyche’s Night…

I wrote this poem in December, 2002. I identify with this poem in 2006. Sublimation in forethought, they call it!! :p

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