In that still lake
Sleeping like a blue mirror
Sleeps my dream
Like the road that winds
In minuscule hope
Of a traveller who might come

My love,
Life is not futile
Nor is it a vague array of events
Eyes are not windows
That watch in helpless anger.
They dart and flow
Like quick silver cautious
We burst yet we are bubbles
Of a million slippery colours.
A potter’s dreams are shaped in clay
The woodcutter’s dreams
Make crosses and crucifixes.

Life like a wealth of torments
Teaches you to breathe
Like kaleidoscopes made
Of broken glass bangles.
All eternity flits by
Moment after moment
In dynamic stillness.
Flow my love
Let your sleep be filled
With the frolic
Of white water froth.

Drench yourself in rains
Of lemonade and sticky liquorice
Life will wash you and clean you
Vigorously wiping you
With a downy towel of fleece.

Flinch not when life feeds you
With bittersweet herbs
Walk on in wonder
Sporting shameless pink glasses.
Spill soup
On your new white idea
Watch stains emerging
Like opportunities.

When popsicles shrink
Their sweetness stays
On marooned tongues.
Balloons of red and yellow
Float by like smiles
Watch them trot by
Turning into themselves again.

Make water patterns
On cool concrete floors
Shutting ears to elders
Watch little ants climb
Onto your pencil tips
Stroke them
With a strand of love..

Burn with the fire
Of tireless hope
Wipe away the long face
Clouds are not candy floss
There are a million more
Black and orange
Butterflies to chase.

My swan,
Ripples disappear
People are paddles
That help you glide on
Fledgling dreams
Fluffy and fragile
Cup them carefully
In your little wings.

My feather,
Fly into everywhere
That lies open
A million eyes watching
From above and below…
Lean on my shoulders
In weary seasons
Then fly on
With fresh breezes.

5 thoughts on “Fireflies

  1. Life is like a big balloon, which goes bust when there is a small prick. No desire – not even love is worth a wait in this life. If they do get satisfied, it is just a bonus for a few years on this planet.

    Really amazing poem

  2. Spill soup
    On your new white idea

    I hail thee master!


    (yup the same guy who tried too hard to write in verse abt Lunar totems)

  3. @ Dinesh

    Walk on child…you will be surprised to see yourself shamelessly fall in love with life again…and again…and again! 🙂

    @ Ram

    Thanks..hope you have lots of ideas..and a lot of soup!

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