Misers in Love

Fragmented conversations
Feelings incomplete
Hanging by a noose between
Silence and Security
Swallowing sweet songs contemptuously
Reluctantly spitting out words of measured value
Misers in love
They dole out sweet moments penuriously
Holding back the warmth
That might possibly drive away
The haunting winter in another heart.
Misers in love
They pestilentially infest
Every nook and cranny
Of this unfortunate earth.
They cunningly hide the healing flame of love
Allowing darkness to reign in broken souls.

Trust they gulp with great difficulty
Affection they fear
Intimacy hunts their nights down
Driving them insane
Thoughts of having to spare
A few golden bits of themselves
For an undeserving other.

Misers in love
They hoard and hoard portions of themselves.
A few shrewder feelings
Escape the cold dungeons of their hearts
And manage to work their way out
They remedy such mishaps
With urgent curfew.

Misers in love
They choose with caution
Adjectives that may become compliments
“You’re good!” they say.
“But remember,” they hastily add,
That does not mean anything!”
Everyday disappearances
Passionate reappearances
“If you can wait and not be tired of waiting”
Holding their prey in uncertainty
Abrupt farewells are their specialty
When their victims move to warmer zones
“Trust not!” they say.
Trying to pass on a legacy
Of mistrust, paranoia and cold-heartedness.

6 thoughts on “Misers in Love

  1. @ Kishore and Shashi

    Welcome to the real world people! In reality, this is what is being served in the name of “love”!


    Yeah you hit the nail!

  2. Good poem, but i would be better if you could elaborate on your thoughts about the poem if you had written becos it gives different meaning when read by different persons. Anyway good poem, Please try to visit my blog when you are free http:\www.genieoflifetimes.blospot.com

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