When two complex minds meet the result is chaos. All conversations are indirect. Love is expressed in images of colours and bizarre creatures and phantasmal places. There are presumptions and circumlocution. Convoluted speech and a googol plus digressions. Somebody teach us to talk direct, short sentences. I am tired of word games and layers of meanings. I wish I could speak like small spells – crisp and effective. I can express myself better without words..I hate the idea of is inadequate. I saw myself wanting to convey something and went beating around every mulberry bush and found myself in a quicksand that dragged me in. I only knew I did not want to be there.

Well, even in this post I cannot say things directly. Bless me!

3 thoughts on “Inadequacy

  1. we have all evolved. our thoughts, vocabulary and skills have been nourished all through. if we find inept at articulating, we can still learn. lots of people have, in the past.

    thoughts clutter not because they can’t take form. the thinker does not want to shape them.

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