To my Silent Love

It is strange how a colour you have never seen can fascinate you. I have seen nothing of you except your smiles and your childlike pouts and your downy hair. I am in love with your smile. A hard day must always end with the brush stroke of your smile..Your voice. I wonder how many many hours of connecting with life does not give me so much energy as a single word from you does. I have good reason to be obsessed with you. I often try to substitute other voices for yours but they only seem like cackles. With you Daffy Ducks and Dexters fill my fragile heart with joy. I only need to laugh with you. I don’t see any other particular reason to live.

I am not ambitious for fame or money. All I need is a gentle breeze breathing from your direction always. Listening to immortal songs from your lips I need to only close my eyes and sleep will heal me.

I seem like a shadow to you. I have no identity of my own. I am always following you through crags and hills, up and down. I seem to be invading the walls you have around you just like a good shadow should. There is no armour to cover myself from you. I am out in the open hoping even hail storms from you would only feel like drizzles.

I over-react. I tend to feel life ten times more intensely than others. To me sorrow has become beautiful. My insecurities spring from past failures and past hurts. I snatch at each day with hunger because I die to live. I want you to punctuate every day with some aspect of you. With you around insecurities become unwarranted. I must only smile, right? I must relax and let your warmth envelope me. I must yawn like a toothless baby and sleep like there is no tomorrow.

Hurts will heal. You help me shed tears that cleanse my broken heart. Your love sets me free. I am complete. I love you intensely and only you know how much.

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