Like a compromise…

Though the poetry in me is dead
And decomposed
Like dry leaves floating in puddles
Of rain.
I need it.
It heals me and my dreams
I had been writing for others
All along
All the words
That strung themselves together
Had been hand-picked with love
Someone walked by indifferently
Not knowing their fragrance
The petals waited in the scorching noon
Waiting to be picked up
And held close
They knew they were wilting
Alas! The world scorns desperation
I know my life is ending
With each day
It only gets closer
The exit.
When the edges turned shameless brown
The petals whispered to themselves
It is an experience
Death; A process.
All my life I live my death.
The conjurer’s wand weaves my life
Patterns flow from thin air.
Dreams and disappointments
Enact themselves like they have audience
The empty amphitheatre resounds with silence.
All doors are closed
Except an emergency exit.
A borrowed thread called life
Refuses to snip off.
The giver waits in patience
The debtor scrambles for disappearance.
Some are born
Some achieve
Some have life thrust upon them.
My pages are not for the insensitive
Go away!
My tears are not for the cold-hearted
Leave me alone!
My love is not for the indifferent
Let me live!
To me words are not costumes
Worn for applause
Nor are they infinite decadent rants
To me they are sustenance…
What would you know?
There is one soul that listens
My own.
There is one heart that throbs
If unwillingly.
There is one mind that grapples
With bitter truths.
In me.
There is one life that holds me
That embraces me with warmth.
Till death do me apart.
I wish to turn cold and stiff
Like my mother’s turmeric hands.
I wish to remove the oxygen mask
From my own god-forsaken breath.
I wish to burn
Into a bowl of ashes
With pieces of copper and a bone.
I wish to turn cold, cold as a stone
Till all the fire in me turns blue
Like yesterday’s night.
I wish to go dead
Like you.
I wish to beat to death
All the passion
That shamelessly tries to believe.
I wish to stop being.
I wish I could only live
If like a compromise.

10 thoughts on “Like a compromise…

  1. Matty, please start taking a more positive view of life please please. I request you.

    Dont ask me who I am. I can’t tell you. I am just a really old friend.

  2. I don’t have any really old friends..I am sure you were one of them who ignored me…else why would you comment anonymously…hahaha..see? I was right all the way!

  3. “Till Death do me apart”

    “Some are born
    Some achieve
    Some have life thrust upon them”


    Wonderful :)..
    The thing is the insensitive wont go away just coz u ask them to..
    I wish I wish.. But turmeric hands are not for me :(..
    Sublimation eh?!
    Have fun!!! Or keep smiling πŸ™‚

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