Hubris and Hamartia

It is just awesome how things work themselves to impossibility in my life. Again and again. Considering I have an exam tomorrow, one of the deciding exams of my life, something like this was bound to happen. Exams and Maligning Forces of Conspiracy. I remember in my last semester, before the final exams I was exactly in the same situation, begging for mercy from someone infinitely bovine when it came to someone else’s problem, and ruthless.

What do you say about someone who hoards good will and would not go that extra millimetre to set things right! …and I will be royally disciplined (the most decent word I could come up with at this point) for many many days to come, for daring to express myself like this. I am supposed to be the eternal sufferer who never complains. Bullshit! I quit. I know you’re reading this..but I have a helluva lot of it to handle as it is.

If you will open your third eye or your only eye, you might be able to see precisely what is happening to me. The same old story, the same old plot, the same old characters, the same old tragic flaw, the same old climax, the same old catharsis. I just rock because I am studying my life like “Antigone”…I have the damn thing for my exam.

Now I’ll begin imagining I am Elesin Oba, Antigone, Odysseus, Anowa, Kannagi, Daphne and every other afflicted soul in the tragedies I read. is damn good in a way..I am gonna rock in my exams.. 🙂

Looks like there is some fate after all. Now I have wheezing too. I woke up like breathlessness. Perfect! This was exactly how I wanted to feel, a day before exam.

Ah…but I am not going to give up, unfortunately for all the forces that seem to be plotting against me. Wait and watch ye conspiring powers, I shall come out like a phoenix, just like last time, and every time.

As an add-on I would like to mention I won a proficiency prize in my M.A. Well, I am doing an M.A. in English Literature and this is my last semester. Wish me luck for my exams guys! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Hubris and Hamartia

  1. Hey,

    Was surfing for presribed definitions of hamartia and hubris. Couldn’t help identifying with what you’ve said. I am studying Antigone too and my exams are in a fortnight’s time! This did provide some comic relief.

  2. Hey Renuka

    All the best for your exams and I have passed my MA with a gold! 😉

    But I still remember how miserable I felt around the exams..


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