I was on a vacation to Madurai. My last visit to Madurai was areally short and was about five years back. The longer visit before that was about 12 years back. My grandfather lives in Madurai. So does my uncle, aunt and their two kids.

My hatred for Chennai, its noise, its people and traffic has increased after this visit. I should probably live in a small city or a town in the future. I figured I would never be happy in a big metro. I almost feel lost and harassed in Chennai.

In Madurai my daily routine consisted of waking up late, eating, sleeping, reading, playing computer games, sitting on the pyol and watching the rain while listening to music, chatting to my best friend over the phone for hours and playing with my friend Gopi a.k.a Tommy, Tiger, Romie, Ronnie and so on. He is a brown dog with the brightest of eyes and the most restless tail! šŸ™‚

I also happened to attend the farewell parties of two batches of American students who had to complete a semester specializing on Indian culture. One of them belonged to the centre for cultural studies called SITA. The other batch consisted of the students from the Wisconsin University. I saw some interesting performances in Bharatnatyam and Carnatic Music by these students. They can speak Tamil and a couple of them had made amazing Rangolis and Batik pieces. I was very happy to see their enthusiasm in learning some of these art forms. I have previously learnt to create Batik pieces and let me tell you it is no easy job.

There was a girl named Marcie who did an excellent Bharatnatyam piece on Ganesha and Kyle who rendered some popular kritis on the veena. There were others too but these two deserve to be mentioned. Apart from this, they hosted skits on their experiences in India which included a sequence of an American retorting in Tamil to some kids who makes fun of her and another where Kyle struggles with his “vaetti” (a white piece of cloth draped around the waist by men in Tamilnadu)… It was hilarious when he said “En vaetti keezhe nazhuvikitrukku!” (My vaetti is slipping down) yet the language was impressive. Kyle and his friend Rian lived upstairs to my grandfather’s place so we knew them quite well. They are very friendly and nice people.

I read a creepy story by Walter De La Mare called “The Recluse” which psyched me out quite a bit. I read “The Purple Sea” by Ambai and “Selected Works of Kahlil Gibran”. My cousin finished the fourteenth level in a game called “Claw” which also happens to be the last level. I need a mention here coz I asked a friend to google for an important cheat code as there was no internet at home. šŸ˜€

I ate a lot of good stuff like coconut thogaiyal, arisi upma and thenkozhal. I spent most of my time lazing at home. Did not visit any of the usual places like Meenakshi temple. Shot a couple of cows, Gopi, the rain and other useless things on my camera. šŸ˜¦

There is a lot more..just that I am too tired from the journey and wanna sleep!

One thought on “Back!

  1. well, the sleeping, eating, sleeping roung the clock schedule is what is called a holiday.. if taken too much,then you would want to come back to metro and get on with life..
    but i guess you had a good break..everyone needs one to keep moving up in life..

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