A world-standard training centre at Infosys, Mysore

Hey I thought this was a terrific place. Cool that Infosys should build such a training center of international standards at Mysore. A news piece says

“The Education Centre, one of the largest of its kind in the world, will train technology professionals. Located in the 270-acre Infosys Mysore campus, the centre can accommodate 4,500 trainees at any given time. Infosys’ total investment commitment in the Mysore Centre is Rs. 520 crore (USD 119.3 million), of which Rs. 285 crore (USD 65.4 million) pertains to the Global Education Centre complex.”

Quoted from: Infosys.com

See this album for more. It belongs to an amazing photographer, Thejo! πŸ™‚
Infosys Mysore – a photoset on Flickr

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45 thoughts on “A world-standard training centre at Infosys, Mysore

  1. infosys technologies ltd. mysore held a world class classroom training at mysore so thanks to all persons who are allied these service to the employees….

  2. lolzz…I’m just wondering y do most of the people in India have infosys as their Dirrreeeemm company ???? Even when there are so many good companies out there paying much more and opportunities than Infy. Infy doesn’t even stand a little in their class too :O. Perhaps people still haven’t heard bout Lehmann bro. , ITC , McInsie , Microsoft…

  3. noppes… i really meant Mcinsie…That’s another consulting firm based in Mumbai having it’s origin in Seattle, Washington. But as far as i think, my guess was right…u really don’t know anything πŸ˜€ !!! May be u should start googling a bit from now on.Mckinsey too is a big consulting firm, but it wasn’t in the list i provided.

  4. I googled for Mcinsie and they say they do manure manufacturing at Montana. Are you talking about them? OMG! That company is like so big!! Even Microsoft recently wanted to buy them but they refused! 😐

  5. yeppp,i knew that u would be looking for something like that and i had made it “its”, but the first one was sent before the correction . Moreover i don’t know how much googling u did coz i can see clearly in my tab the name “McInsie Consulting” flashing on the top as soon as i put it in the search box !! First learn some good search techniques, u might need them :D.

  6. Wow! You must be a geek god to possess powers to manipulate Google into giving you fun search results!

    As for search skills, it is not required for me. Maybe it is required for people begging for a future on the internet! :p You know…. jeevansathi.com etc.

  7. haahaa…i never knew that u wud be such a big JEEVANSAATHI.com buff :D. And yes i’m a geek(god is a bit exaggerated) and like exploring internet a lottt but that doesn’t mean in any way i’m making the names of some companies/data on my own. Moreover i don’t require any future over the Internet, i’ve already got a PPO frm GM and wud be looking to establish my own firm after completing my PGDM here at IIM-A. I think, i’ll have u as Security Head(If i need one really :D)

  8. Varun, I am sure if IIM had a spelling test, you would be falling flat on your face. GM? IIM-A?? Dude!!! I bet you would not clear even 5th grade English exams. Why don’t you go and get your basics, right? How about a good English education to start with? Geek eh you are? What do I say? JDs!

  9. another looser starts telling me bout spelling…dude do u know GM stands for General Motors ??? I guess not…Are all the people @infosys so foolish ??? and for IIM-A part, that’s our own way of calling it here @IIMA(if that works for u) Moreover it should not bother u at all coz u don’t belong here so let us,the student of IIM decide what we call it. what say u ??

  10. Us = singular

    Student = Plural

    *tears hair* Is it just me or……?

    And, looser = loser

    Ok! Let us forget spellings.. even my friend Shashiovsky is bad at them. Ok! Let us get back to the discussion.

    I am spamming my own blog. True or false?

  11. @phoenix…as i said earlier, i’m a final year PGDM student at IIM-A/IIMA ;). I did my B.Tech from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. Right now i have a Pre-Placement offer from(PPO) from General Motors(GM) but i’m planning to start my own firm after completing the post graduation.

  12. Varun, I see some improvement in your English after repeated interactions. Keep it up. Oh and GM was General Motors eh? Thank you for enlightening me. I never knew what it stood for. But how can I know all this? I did not study in IIMA or for that matter IIT.

  13. @well wisher,see that’s the whole point. If u didn’t know about those acronyms u should have better not questioned my english knowledge. Instead u said something which anyone would take as an insult…”I bet you would not clear even 5th grade English exams.” Better watch ur words in the future coz i could have replied in the same manner had i wanted to do so !!

  14. by the way McKinsey is listed in google, not McInsie and whoever made it up, was just trying to save his own ________

  15. @IITan

    What do those six blanks stand for? And you must read through the whole discussion before you repeat a point that has already been noticed and battled over. πŸ˜€

  16. so, all have put their nice thoughts regarding d training centre, mysore, as far I know,this training centre is d largest of its kind wid world class training programme (regarding d generic stream), d training is all about d conceptual studies of s/w programming including d assessments, compres etc. d training does a lot good to d fresh recruits who r gonna step in d IT world. But honestly, I think, brain- train has nothing to do wid intelligence coz intelligence is always above knowledge…

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