Tell Nobody…

When you're sad
And the light of love in you
Is glimmering like it is about to die
Tell nobody…
When you are lost and broken
Every word betrays your poem
And you cease to write
Tell nobody…
When a small thorn pricks
And stays lodged there
Like a forgotten bruise
Tell nobody…
When your love for someone
Leads you to irrationality
Faith and meaningless hope
Tell nobody…
When your meaningless love
Wishes to dream itself up
Into forbidden colours
Tell nobody…
When your innocence lies naked
At the feet of stilletoed brutes
And your heart cries for mercy
Tell nobody…
When the little songs you made up
For singing in solitude
Come from someone else's lips
Tell nobody…
When your past opens up
Like a gash bleeding
And you spill everywhere
Tell nobody…
When your future beckons
In harmless emptiness
And white papers stare at you
Tell nobody…
When years of waiting
Brings the wrong message in
Reach out and take it but
Tell nobody…
When you cry
You are called a victim
When you laugh
You are called insane
When you dream
You are called audacious
When you wish to scramble
Out of a dead-end
Walk like nobody's watching
And tell nobody…

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