Loving you is a Holy War

Being in love with you is a holy war
Even you cannot intrude
What do I care for your mortal responses
Or your twisted perceptions of its beauty
What do I care for your warped vision
Or the painful analogies you dream up
You can stab our love
A hundred times in its heart
I am here to save it from your clutches
I am here to remind our love
Of the beautiful times we had together
I love you and I love our love
All you can see with your astigmatic eyes
Are the future and the past
My love transcends all
And stands unpolluted by your malice
Your vicious criticism
Does not dissect its sacred heart
Your lies cannot touch its sanctity
My love hides in the safe depths
Of my ripped heart
I shall protect it till death
And neither you
Nor your clan of plunderers
Can reach to it
And touch it with your sinful hands
Loving you is a crusade
That is beyond you
Or your stunted understanding.

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