Resurrect Dy…

Somewhere between
Reality and a sprouting dream
I met you iz…
Now hot tar runs over my shadow
An aeon has passed
Like a second
Why did you?
The sand suffocates me
Your fingers have to heal
And send love light to me
I will die like a fallen bud.
Dreadful nightmares
Throng here iz..
The empty streets of reality
Smother me
A weary numbness
Has killed the last scent
Of blue young love in me
Poetry now trickles
Like a shallow stream
Of lifelessness.
I know I have lost something
Yet I have lost the need to know..
Iz dream me up again
Kill me not
Upon a mad girl’s intrusion..
Her failed attempts to live me
Iz raise me up
Again from breathlessness
And burning fumes
That engulf my spirit
Carrying me to a world of apathy.
Iz, take me away
To a world unborn
Like the crystalline tears
Of a deep sea pearl
Unreal and undreamt of.

– Dy

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