Iz..Loser in love

Dy Iz

You left me to drift
In loneliness
Yet I laugh
You know
There is no silence.
Nor loneliness
For we who is buried
So deep down in the convolutions
Of our wild soul.
Who hears the death knell
Sound like thunder
Like a horrifying night
Being inside our towers
Of winters
And scrawls of trickling snow
Down our calves.

Wordlessness or absence
Silence or space
Isolation and troubles
All these have lost
In their struggle
To obliviate me from you.

Tiny owls
In blindness
A stake driven into their hearts
My prophet of love
Drifting I am
But not away.

In a spaceless timeless consciousness
I stay like a clamouring resonance
In you.

Night after night
You dream of forgetting me
And wake up with sweat
Streaming down your insides.

Night after night
You delude
Of memoryless dawns.
You fail

We are bound
In the fragments of Timeless.

Centuries away
A glimpse in your eye
Dreams of me.

Where do you think you can go?
Away from me
And my miasmic warmth.

We cannot escape the sky,..

6 thoughts on “Iz..Loser in love

  1. Now I can imagine you as the white saree clad spirit wo haunts her guy singing “I forgot the song. Sorry” as in bnw Tamil movies. Since I don’t know you I can only appreciate your literature and cannot be empthic to whatver you have said. I only hope it won’t be ironic if I say it’s a good one.

  2. Welll…. you dont always have to know the author to appreciate the work.. I am pretty much a post-structuralist..

    Thanks again.. you’ve taken a lot of trouble to read and to comment.. šŸ™‚

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