Is passion preserved only if let known to a world?
Are diamonds, diamonds only if unearthed?
What bee scents the fragrances of a wilting evening flower?
Love is for itself not for what it will bring..
Will not a poet who loves secrets
Write poems on hidden crags
Full of red flowers?
Reminding us of colours purples and blues..
Midnight streams will flow on
Drowsed by the beams of half-eaten moons..
Who heard the first lilting song sung by a bamboo?
Life’s beauties lie covered
In the paradoxic depths of consciousness..
Lunar totems will remain for eternity
Tied to sacrileges and sacrifices..
Love will submerge in itself
It cares not for a weary world
And its dreary epithets…

This is a comment I wrote to a friend on his blog for a poem he had written for “us”. The friend is still here; this poem has left me..

3 thoughts on “Reckoning..

  1. It’s really good as usual but I feel you can tinker it a little bit to make it perfect. This is not to criticize you but I thought it will help to be honest when you publish a book with your collection of works in the future.

  2. Yeah… but I dont believe in tinkering… it is not natural.. I keep everything raw.. else it becomes good, orderly, nice.. all of which I’d hate to turn my little poem into..

  3. it feels well.
    rather thats my way of saying wht u’ve written is real good. I dont really look for meaning in wht i read, more of wht can be felt.
    and this be real good…

    Djelibeybi from Orkut INKE.

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