In a vague shadow I walk
Grim formless fears
Haunt the thoroughfare
Somewhere in the mist
A fragrance emanates
Like a strand of love

Through the cold and darkness
Life seems incandescent
Like a crystal goblet
With some mysterious elixir
Love it must be
That makes the death knell
Sound like a chime
Love they say
Is light
A vibrant spectrum
The red red rose..
Is love just dreams and hopes?
Love willingly colours
The grey rain cloud
Pregnant with showers
Touches the wild flower
None ever admires
Love breathes to the broken flute
Whispers of warmth

Yesterday an illusion
Like tomorrow is
Love embraces all…
Some strange forms of Love
The fights I fought
A ripple in my Universe
Thou art!
This moment’s love
Is what I fought for..

This is a comment I wrote to a friend on his blog, for a poem he had written for me. Now the poems are still here, the friend has left me.

8 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. I do not enjoy reading poems about Love. I enjoyed a few lines in the poem more than others. The first and third para were catchy than the second one except for the words “The grey rain cloud
    Pregnant with showers” in the second. I vaguely remember reading/listening to the idea of pregnant cloud somewhere. Never mind. It was really good.

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