The Nightmare

This is a nightmare that I have repeatedly. I am often able to control its impact on me and wake up before I lose control. I think this nightmare is also accompanied by sleep paralysis.

I sleep in my room with my grandma next to me.

In this nightmare I am sleeping just the way I sleep in my room, the same objects around me and my grandmother sleeping next to me and I begin to dream. In that dream I am sleeping just the way I’d sleep in my room with the same objects around me. Then I begin to feel a formless presence in my room. I am beginning to realize that an evil spirit has slithered into my room through the window to my right which I have forgotten to shut (which in reality I always shut, out of fear)and it is black like smoke.. I am unable to move or wake up.. I try to shout out to my grand mother sleeping next to me… but she cannot hear me.. She is fast asleep. I am wailing but she cannot hear me. Now I can see the black form crawling over me and suffocating me.. I suffocate trying to wail.. I am slipping into deeper sleep.

At this point I realize in a corner of my mind that if I wake up, then this  black form would leave me. This thought is almost involuntary.Then I wake up from the deepest layer of sleep. Then I heave a sigh of relief saying it was just a dream. Then I wake up again and find it funny that I should have a dream in which I am sleeping and dreaming of a black form. Then I tear myself out of the final dream and wake up in my room next to my grandmother exactly the way I saw her sleeping in my dream. This waking up process feels like lasting only about 5 to 10 seconds. Often my ears are flushed hot and I feel very cold when I wake up from this nightmare.

I submitted this nightmare to the Nightmare Project

6 thoughts on “The Nightmare

  1. They say that at night he didn’t do anything but cry.
    They that he didn’t eat and didn’t do anything but drink.
    They swear that heaven shuddered when it heard his cry,
    How he suffered for her, calling out to her even as he died.

    Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, he sang.
    Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, he wept.
    Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, he sang.
    As he died of mortal passion.

    That a sad dove came that morning to sing to him,
    To the small house with its windows open wide.
    They swear that the dove is nothing less than his soul,
    That is still waiting for her to come back, her, the unfortunate.

    Cucurrucucú, dove,
    Cucurrucucú, don’t cry.
    The stones never do, dove,
    What do they know of love?

    Cucurrucucú, cucurrucucú,
    Cucurrucucú, you don’t cry any more.

  2. Exactly the same sort of nightmare kept coming an year ago for me. When I read your post, I cannot believe how true it were to me. In my case, it was my mom to whom I scream alound, but she can’t hear.. Or I was assumed that my vocal cord no more produced audible sound.. As i recollect, I begin fighting it by trying to mov my upper limbs to reach my back, where I imagine the dark one is getting its way THROUGH me. But nothing moves.. I imagine that the dark one has taken control over the voluntory muscles and motor nerves.. I try to open my eyes, but the eye lids don’t respond. I try my best and realize that taking a good breath would help me by some means.. I do so and find myself in the same position I dreamt over.. I don’t even think I was dreaming..

    Later I came across a site about brains (damn, I missed bookmarking the URI). I ended up there when I followed a link in one of the text that explain ‘Why most people get dreams as if their physical body is falling down from a higher place’. This is due to the relaxation of your muscles just in the second stage of your sleep.. So you seem drift in some kind deep and slow motion and sometimes your stimli works suddenly for external disturbances. Due to this, the brain imagines this condition as if you were falling from some high place.
    It is also the case when have certain breathing problems as you sleep.

    Anyway, the link was about how your brains works and how it plays an important role when you sleep.. It does many filthy things that you don’t know. Read more here:

    @Author i don’t actually see your post in the nightmareproject.. Could it be because the site is dead? — as i see the last nightmare post that is there was dated 07-DEC-2003.

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