The Mask that Resembled Sleep

Last night my moist breath
Erupted as droplets
On my glass coffin
I really wished I could
Turn around on my side
Yet you had decided
The space I should require.
I called out to you in a high shrill
The glass swallowed my voice
Giving to you silence
The silence you attribute to peace
The peacefully dead.
I watched the fog
That laid itself around me
Like a cold rug
Yet my warm glass
Kept me perspiring.
Teetering between
Waking and sleep
I stilled my urges
The craving
For your proximity.
As distant sleep
Evaded me
I caught a dreamlet
In my quivering eye.
It grew and grew
To obscene proportions
Till I suffocated it
With a weightlessness.
My coffin walls grew
Into tender skin
That engulfed me
In a delusion of love.
Into your world
I darted
For an infinite second
You breathed aloud.
The wandering lies
Trembled around me
And I wore the mask
That resembled sleep.

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