Stranger from my past..

A wordlessness stuns me as despair drowns me. Darling,What have I done to our love?
I broke open the brittle shells in avarice for pearls that were still growing. Perhaps these are not the best of my words.. Yet they are the truest. This evening, I regress. I play the old songs. I see the old pictures. I read our old writings. This evening I see the distance gone, in horror and shame. I see an intimacy that smothers us..I loved you from the other side of a veil. Now I have come closer and I cannot see you without seeing myself. I wish to return because I loved you better from the other side. I wish to grow distant. Go farther away..I want to see you on the other side of the horizon. Unreachably far. I want to enclose myself in a breathlessness where I can love you like gasping for breath.

Be a stranger to me..once again.

8 thoughts on “Stranger from my past..

  1. Hey…I missed your blog after you shifted…stumbled onto it via Kishore’s blog..( via Prat..:)..)..Missed reading your writing.

    Can relate quite well to this one…sometimes being too close can smother you so much, that love disappears…Or is it because we are more attracted to that which is elusive, “not-for-you” types?

  2. Hi Pingu.. 🙂 Nice to see you after a long time..

    Perhaps you’re right about the fact that “mystery” remains a turn-on and there is always a need to have more to explore..

    While being intimate is one kind of beauty.. being distant is another kind.. I think there should always be the element of distance.. for one to respect the other..and then one may avoid taking the other for granted..

  3. Strange is this stranger, and somewhat obscure too, although some sides of his character shine through. I know full well the bond you share. He should be truly enigmatic, and I were him and I knew about you, I would surely fish for compliments for you! 😀

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