To my secret love

fragile as glass

even a whisper should hurt
this precious frail

i have built a nest
Where I ll keep this little

I’ll throw the doors wide open

The warm fires blazing

He is unpredictable as breeze

As notes from the quivering strings
Of a veena

He is delicate

He can walk in any time of day or night

by thoughts he cant put in words…
Wizard with words…


His mind works in the fifth dimension

He hides like wild flowers
Bursting forth in hidden crags
in ravines

He is red
His anger is like fire that consumes all falsities

He is a dreamer

He is vivid

He is like the still waters

That run deep…

And nobody knows…

He is so full of love

Love brimming

His fragrance sweet wasted in the desert air
Wasted for
the world.. not for him

I only started like a footfall in his pathways

And I dared leave some footprints…
Now he consumes me
with his love…
Like the atmosphere…he is in everything..He is a secret whisper.. ssshhh…

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