Blue Pebbles

Far away in the planet of Antimonite, lived a mermaid called Blue Flare. Everyday she was found basking in the sun her cyan tail gleaming in the rays of the purple sun that shone above their planet. She watched her friends in the distance gathering crimson wavelets from the sea to make necklaces. And she caressed the stony starfish that lay beside her with her long nails. She flicked it into the sea and rolled over dreaming of rain.

Blue Flare’s father was at the king’s coral reef. She was no princess. She was tired of being a “no princess”. She had once seen a merman who had visited their crimson sea. He was a blue pebbles bringer. He had a long beard that floated down to the floor of the sea. His eyes were brilliant orange, the colour of the striking orange flame azalea. What mermaid would not want a merman with a long beard and orange eyes! And his blue pebbles… they were exotic. Often blue pebbles of the rare kind had turquoise streaks running through their core. These turquoise streaks gleamed under the ocean bed through their blue glassy stonewalls. Mermen gathered them sweltering under the purple sun bringing them to their cadmium-haired mermaids. A long-bearded, orange-eyed, turquoise blue pebble merman; such a merman was every mermaid’s dream gene procurer.

Blue Flare had seen him just once from the distance. She had immediately dreamt of hordes and hordes of little merlets swimming around her black stony lair. She had waved her cyan tailfins luring him to her. Yet a passing swirl of silver storm had whiffed her seduction away from him. Since then she had sighed like an empty cavern and sat on that stone waiting, as any mermaid waiting for the man who had given her dreams of merlets. The crimson waves looked drab. She wished the sea could turn a refreshing grey or murky green. Each evening lasted for 3000 laps. Her friends thought she was a lazy brat who did no work. She made a song that sounded like a siren, which she had once seen, in the distance, and she interspersed this song with sighs inspired by the ocean itself. Little fish gathered at her wrists to taste the cyan dust gathered in her shell bracelets. She rippled the waves and bewildered them. She laughed like the tiny waves striking mildly against her stone, upon seeing the fishes do a whirligig. The merman grasped her wrist and slithered into the waves.

She knew the courting methods of mermen. They stole upon you without warning and abducted you far into the ocean’s perilous crevices. Then they carried you into a mysterious grotto or into the rotting galleys of a wrecked wooden schooner. There they would make love, kissing like sea serpents and moonless nights of unpredictable storms. Mermen were characterized by greed and aggression. Mermaids were lithe dart-finned creatures. Their courtships looked like shimmering lightening flung generously with bouts of electric eel wrath. Then they would part without warning and speed back to their homes, full of panic and trepidation. After fifteen nights mermaids rained merlets on the waves. They swam back and forth like supple laughter.

She retained flashes of orange irises dilating and contracting. Her merlets had gone into the horizon without a second glance at her. Her own father had disappeared into a shrivelled body. Now she saw a wooden raft gathering size. It grew. A fish-capturer bloomed. His skin was dark as lethal venom from the conidae. This fish capturer was colourless and enthralling. His eyes were black and his hair was grey. The vessel that carried him was murky wooden. She let her tailfin down into his net and found herself in his arms at once. Her love for him grew dangerously with every wave that lashed at them. With her long-nailed fingers she seized his wrist hoping to take him forever into her world. His struggle reminded her of her orange-eyed merman. She laughed with her quartz teeth enchanting him irrevocably. She kissed his ephemeral body with her benign tragic flaw of seeing a fish-capturer as a merman. She murmured in her language of sighs and trebles hoping he would understand. The fish-capturer awaited his throes of breathlessness. He knew she would love him to his death. She swathed him in her fin and descended into the ocean depths with her find. The silent gurgles of the deep ocean sounded loud as a death knell to his deafened ears. His gasping pangs mesmerized her. Love effervesced in her like the volcano that frothed with golden juices. Yet she knew he was going into never land. Every mermaid revealed the shocking thunder bursts of never land to the fish-capturers. Blinded by its magnificence they grew speechless. All fish-capturers gifted their breath to never land. These breaths were captured in aquamarine bottles and gifted to mermen. She drew an aquamarine bottle with a piece of wafer thin paper, tossed it into the ocean and drew the fish-capturer’s last breath into its confines.

Her orange-eyed merman hauled her into a reef of colourless beauty. He fetched a blue pebble chain with an exquisite bone clasp and fastened it around her unstill hip. She watched him smell her cadmium hair and thrust a fish-capturer’s wandering breath into his hands. Sleepy fish swam away petulantly from the intrusive colours and ripples that ensued…

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