Twenty things about you and me

1. I think your hair looks like peacock feather strands.
2. I want to disturb you when you’re busy and concentrating hard.  />:)
3. You bloody well know how much I love you. ((
4. I bloody well know how much you love me. x
5. We sometimes hate talking to each other because we both can be terrible bores.#-o
6. I want to drag you into the rain because you hate it.)
7. We both love foghorn leghorn and daffy duck. ))
8. We both hate idiots except when it is ourselves.D
9. Others have no clue about us. |
10.I choke my laughter when you are angry and screaming at me because you look so funny your glasses sliding down your nose. ;)) (Are you saying “Idddiot!”?)
11. We will meet some day.8-|
12. I love it when you sleep but like it better when you’re awake. I-|
13. You are a genius.. my fellow genius. P
14. You hate milk but I learned bournvita is damn good for you.~O)
15. We must take over the world. I am the Brain and you’re Pinky./>
16. Stalking you has made me very intelligent and well-read, for all those forums I visited.-B
17. You are a jealous dawg. I too am.. “aargghh..fight me!”  />:P
18. We have sooooo many secrets … *giggle* ;;)
19. You are phoenix-raiser. @};-
20. )

Now I shall go into temporary hiding before he finds me and slays me with his Anduril. Ssshh! -$

4 thoughts on “Twenty things about you and me

  1. We’ve come to the end, isn’t it? I am glad I have have left. Don’t remember me, I won’t be around for long, so it is not worth it. Goodbye forever.

    –Phoenix Raiser

  2. This is what you wanted. This is what you got.

    I am sure you will happier without this idiot in your life, who could not think as straight as you, who is not as virtuous as you are, and who does not match up to your scales in anything.

    Good luck!

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