Attention Couch Potatoes!

A hilarious post by a frustrated athletic trainer… but behind all the hilarity there is biting truth.
15 ways to become disgustingly fat, unfit, unhealthy and a physical mess « Keith Scott MS, ATC, CSCS

I hope all of you are capable of understanding irony. It seems there are some people who cannot.

The ability to comprehend sarcasm depends upon a carefully orchestrated sequence of complex cognitive skills based in specific parts of the brain. Yeah, right, and I’m the Tooth Fairy. But it’s true: New research details an “anatomy of sarcasm” that explains how the mind puts sharp-tongued words into context. The findings appear in the May issue of Neuropsychology, published by the American Psychological Association (APA).

Read about them here: How does the brain handle sarcasm?

2 thoughts on “Attention Couch Potatoes!

  1. irony works just fine for me.
    sarcasm is all tone of voice, though, so i usually miss it. especially on the internet.
    fortunately, misunderstanding sarcasm is less a mark of intelligence than confusing irony and sarcasm.

  2. 😐

    whoa.. I have confused them. I am a mark of less intelligence. 😛

    Hahaha.. Well at least in this study they have patients who misunderstand irony as well as sarcasm.

    ..and welcome to my blog! 🙂

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