Good bye, past!

This day marks the beginning of a new life for me.

All my true friends will be happy to know that I am coming away from the source of my pain and tears. I am leaving all the past behind. Every bit of it.

Earlier once I made a decision like this in my life. Just once and I have been sticking to it till this day. This is a similar will. I will not look back. It is not often that I make a promise to myself. Today I am and my friends will know that I stubbornly stick to any promise I make to myself.

To me this is freedom. A space to breathe and let go of that negative influence. I will not sigh or cry. It is time to move on.

You will remain a stranger forever…

Good bye, past!

7 thoughts on “Good bye, past!

  1. well, thats a better thing to do i suppose, its a great determination of urs, anyhow would be always there for u at any moment. luv..u are an encouragement for me for my present relationship….and my problems, keep going sweet heart u have manythings to achieve and honoured for….:) luv.Ganesh

  2. hmm i hope you can hold on inspite of the maelstorm of emotions that is to follow …
    if you need an anchor.. just call ..
    for we will hold you fast to the path of your chosing

  3. Goodbye. Now that you are leaving me behind, make a promise to yourself that you will not remember me. I will try not to also, for whatever length of time I may yet live.

    –Phoenix Raiser

  4. I have made a promise to myself that I will not miss you. The methods I follow are not for anybody’s knowledge.

    Goodluck in life or death.. I dont fear death and dont believe in deathlessness… if you have to bring your own death, then who can stop you but yourself.

    Let us avoid cliched responses and see life as a meeting ground for all kinds of people who come together and then depart. There is no need to over-react.

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