Remember the drenched wet tree
And wood that smelled like virgin rains
As drops slithered down to moisten
A mushroom’s velvety head…

Remember the dust that arose
From the twilight red soil
As evening stretched her languid arms
To encompass the struggling world
Dragging their weary legs
Towards a meaningless comfort
In her dreamy bosom at night …

Remember the cicadas that drummed
Inside the quivering dark walls
As you sought the enmity of solitude
And the company of slumber..

Remember an afternoon drowsy
As dragonflies announced rain
And bees droned against glass windows
For freedom from sweet honey..

Remember how you adorned
My waist with a flowery wreath
In a digressing dream,
Of rhymeless fallacy..

Remember how words slipped me
In the quiet of the hungry night
How your song spoke like tears
Interspersed with runny-nose-sounds

Now remember how my poem recedes
With stains of yesterdays
…..wordless pauses, flaws
Into incomplete ambiguity…

9 thoughts on “Remember…

  1. šŸ˜€ I have written some funny poetry.. will try and post them sometime.. šŸ™‚

    I have written limericks too..

    I think you’re referring to the runny-nose-sounds but then it is not funny… he did sing with those sounds. šŸ˜


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