Grandma’s Testimonial

Dont know why I want to shamelessly advertise myself. I asked my grandmother what she thinks about me and these are things she said. I have the world’s best grandmother. 🙂

Love you paati! :-*

My grandma says “Mathangi leads a simple life. She says ‘we must be contented with what we have’. She does not desire for anything. She is quiet and doing her business. She never says she is hungry and eats whatever I give. We have to find out if she is hungry and then feed her. We must take pity on her and give her some food. Because she has no mother only I should take care of her. She will never serve herself at the table. She will starve instead. She can live for days on end if you provide her with enough popcorn. She trusts everyone. She once gave all her money to some guy on the road because he was hungry. She should be more careful. Sometimes she is troublesome and never calls up to inform me when she goes outside. She likes her sister’s baby very much. For her birthday she got her an elephant bommai (doll). She is not materialistic. She does not aspire for things like car or jewels. But she likes going out and being outdoors. She is a great granddaughter. She studies well grasping what is taught in the class. She is intelligent just like I am”

My dear old grandma..what would I do without you! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Grandma’s Testimonial

  1. Wow, thats a lovely post! So lovely that I feel jealous. 😛

    Only with grandies, we always think of how much love and care they have in spite of and after raising our own parents. The feeling grows even stronger when we think of how we could/should be to our grandchilds in the future. — May be i’m weird enough to think the latter. 😛



    A little bit of gibberish tehre here and.

  2. Hey Sher.. I know you have a grandma who pampers you more than this.. 😛

    And…not to forget Rythwin’s grandma.. I spoke to her on the phone other day.. she rocks! \m/

    Me and Rythwin used to think how similar his gran and mine were.. both of them being a p-i-t-a esp. when we guys were on the phone.. lol! 😀

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