Bike Racing

Me and my friend Jai, went to Idunkaatukoattai near SriPerumpudur to watch bike racing. Our friends Solomon a.k.a Solo and Naren were participating. Solo was riding in the Bullet-500 category and Naren was in the RD-350 category. Both of them stood third in their own categories. Superb riding.

Me and Jai started at 8.30 in the morning on his bullet. Our helmets kept knocking into one another and that was very irritating. 😀

We reached the tracks at around 10 o clock. It was a 35+ kilometres ride. Bullets are not designed for pillion riders. So by the time we reached there, various parts of my body were not working. 😛 However, it was nowhere comparable to my earlier ride to Tada with the whole gang. Every part of my body had fallen off on the road, at that time. Lol..

I met Naren and his parents at the tracks. We put our helmets and bags into Naren’s car and checked out his bike. It looked cool. Guys had been working on it for days. There was a lot at stake.

The first race was really silly. There were fieros and yamahas in it. Most of the riders seemed to be amateurs and the ones riding really slow were so slow like they were riding on Mount Road. Yet their vehicles were brand new and so it is understandable.

The next race was for Royal Enfield bullets and we suddenly noticed Solo had not turned up yet. They were calling out to the Bullets to come to the paddock to put in their entries. Our man was nowhere to be seen..So we called him up and he informed us he was near the tracks. Then we found him and hurriedly got him readied up for the race. So he raced and my what a race it was. One hell of a race.

There were a few races after this. One with pulsars and all. Then another one for RD 110-150 cc. We were tired of standing. Suddenly they came and asked us all to clear off. This was because some monkeys were jumping onto the tracks and others running up and down. So me and Naren’s mother went to the high tower just before Naren’s race started. It was one hell of a race again. Naren was in the second place at one point but his breaks got too tight and he eventually came third. It was awesome.

I seemed to know a helluva lot of people at the tracks. I myself was surprised. There was Solo (of course) and Anbu (I had met her before), Siva (one hilarious guy), Naren, Surya, Ranga, Ajit, Dosai, Sachin etc. I have met almost all of them before. Of course one of them pretended like he did not know me… who caresanyways! 😀 I also got to meet Freya. We had met on Orkut earlier. She is one cool rider. I also met David who I knew from his blog and through Orkut. 🙂
So the races went on and on till 2 o clock or so. Then these guys went to get lunch. The vegetarian section had been licked clean and there I was, left without a crumb. Then Jai brought 4 samosas for me. I ate them and had two bananas and drank a lot of water. So that was my lunch. 😀

After this we sat around joking and pulling each others’ legs. Solo and his drowned Segam phone being one of “the topics” It was hilarious. Solo went off to sleep around this time. Then they suddenly called out for the Bullet racers again. He had his second race now. So he was rudely woken from sleep. He wore his jacket and shoes and went off half-sleeping. One guy who rode behind him had an accident and both his knees got dislocated. Solomon came fifth in this race. Hehehe… despite all that sleeping.. 😉

Naren’s second race was some kind of an anti-climax. He was almost leading when his bike’s barrel stopped responding. So he had to pull out of the race. 😦 Meantime I got into the backseat of the car and slept for a few minutes in the company of what I thought were a hundred bags, jackets, cans, bottles, helmets, crocodiles, bananas etc. Then we kept whiling time away and the noisy 2-stroke bike race began. Our tympanums split into a symmetrical two halves. Lol.. they were so loud. The 2-stroke racers were daredevils. It was awesome.

There was a lady rider in one of the races and she got an awful lot of support and cheering. Superb rider.

Finally, they gave trophies to all the participants. There was a rainbow around that time and it got cloudy. It became breezy and most of the noises had died down. All of us were in good cheer. We shot a lot of photographs and rode back home. Me and Jai went to a coffee shop and I stuffed myself with cheese toast (there goes all the slogging on the cross-trainer) I washed it down with two glasses of lime mint cooler and went home.

I forgot to mention something. I missed “him” all through the day. Yeah, yeah I can hear you all banging your foreheads.. hahah! 😀

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6 thoughts on “Bike Racing

  1. :O !! you know jai and solo !! well i know them too and pretty well !! my names libu!! was with madras bulls for a while !! small world allright !!

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