Venae cavae


Thirteen centuries ago
In queer lactic moonlight
Sprayed with sultry raindrops
Your countenance shone

Sprawled on lush pink foliage
Rose in psychedelic dream
Sailing in grey ominousness
Through rotten wood foraged by
Wild red and hungry termites
It hovered

Yellow leaves pricked by needles
Floated down marshy puddles

Between a gaze and a blink
Bubbles frothed and died

Quivering boughs brought down
Bleak shivering tears

Turbulence blew as moist breeze
Misty with stillness and silence

Warmth buried under
Weighty tombstones of apathy
Suffocated muffled whispers

Dawn slept heavily blanketed
By chilling wheezes of wind

Grass succumbed to despair
Bowed by its own lightness

Petals clung to flowery areolas
By a thread of mishapen life
Wintry darkness kissed
Their trance-like death attainment

Birds perched like prophets
Plumage dripping with dew

Distant sunshine spread its light
Like mild caresses on clouds

With every kiss came the threat
Of nineteen nights in hell
Of unmoving eyes
Pain that crept through the insides
Like the hands of a molester

Every smile had the backdrop
Of grinding wheels and axles
Three hundred gallons of repression
Eighty eight pieces of the heart
Stuck in awkward angles

Every word smelled of iron
The axe that hacked out truth
Leaving fragments of teetering lies
Drunk in their own falsity.

Days rolled themselves out on the floor
Painted masks of frowns and smiles
Permanently adorn faces

Normalcy accosts originality
Yet comfortably courts her fools
Cynical laughter
Attempts to confer meaning
Upon the meaninglessness

Damp walls breathe their coldness

Into Solitary Dreamer’s sleep
Love grips the liar red-handed
In midnight’s slippery hour.

12 thoughts on “Venae cavae

  1. Kid? *looks from left to right* *right to left* I dont see any kid here! πŸ™‚

    Ah! Plagiarism.. first let me find content that impresses me enough for me to plagiarize it!

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