Imminent Arrival of Conical Anamorphoses

The painting here is
Gala and the Angelus of Millet Preceding the Imminent Arrival of the Conical Anamorphoses by Salvador Dali. One of my favourite paintings of all time.

I am doomed.

The conical anamorphoses can be likened to my deadline. See those
decadent busts sitting importantly on that cupboard. You know who I
will liken it to. Let us keep controversy out of this post. Besides it is not always necessary for an employee to feel exploited. I don’t. I simply like making clichΓ©d analogies.

See Gala standing in a submissive posture. Ah! Self-piteous me will liken it to myself. The bald-headed shrink arm is you-know-who! My poor developer trying to make sense of the three-dimensional cube I submitted for visualization. His palm has shrunk upon repeated friction with the mouse. His ears have melted with too much listening to the storyboard audio. His hair has fallen off for obvious reasons.. (Psstt.. My developer has long hair.. he will blow his top if he sees this analogy here.. rofl :D) The Angelus of Millet above the door, is my blog, for which I have no time. Art stays unreachably high and away from my life, when work takes over.

Now for the disambiguation. I am busy with work. That is the reason, my dear friends, that there have been no posts.

 I am very amused at the way I have chosen to type this blog post out, when I am surrounded by alligators in purple and yellow colours especially hungry for my calves. I imagine my pink sock with green spots will distract them. (The other orange sock with maroon spots is not so distracting) I wiggle my toes and pensively drink buttermilk from my green bottle with a yellow cap. I dream of aromatic lunch and my overbridge ride on my bike.

I made a poem last night. I went home at 10:30 p.m. and I enjoyed riding on the empty roads. Then I made a poem in my head.

Star-gazing on the overbridge
At 60 miles per hour
Gleaning light years in slow motion
Longing for raindrops
Looking overhead
Forgetting violent death by concussion
Blind turns unheeded
Aggressively kissed
By a monster headlight in the eye
Rays spilling in the irises
To faster light
Gleaning light years in slow motion
At 60 miles per hour
Star-gazing on the overbridge…

Poetry after a long and tough day at work?? Now do you know why they call me an INFP! πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Imminent Arrival of Conical Anamorphoses

  1. “Poetry after a long and tough day at work?”

    Why not?
    I am an INFP too..:)..I exhibit all the negative aspects of the type perfectly..:P.

    Life is not a poem anyway, we’d rather make up a few!

    “Gleaning light years in slow motion”..Wow!

  2. There is no dearth for the negative aspects here as well.. remember all the sad poems I have written.. hehehe!

    Nice to know you’re INFP.. I should have guessed as much! πŸ™‚

    Life is a poem.. but with extremes of poetic license.. we might as well try and match up to its capacities to screw things up! (After the computer of course..)

    Thanks.. where were you all these days?

  3. Maybe you should give your system a good kick on its butt..It works sometimes..:D..

    My computer was in one of its rebellious states…as usual..phew!..and that’s why I am here now..and was not around then..:).

    thanks for asking..

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