Mingled Beyond Parting

Aihole Sculpture

yaayum yaaragiyaro

endhaiyum nundhaiyum emmuraik kelir

yaanum neeyum evvazhi arithum

chembulap peyalneer pola

anbudai nenjamdaan kalandhanavae

– Chembulappeyalneeraar (Kuruntokai 40)

What He Said

What could my mother be to yours?

What kin is my father to yours anyway?

And how did you and I meet ever?

But in love our hearts are

As red earth and pouring rain: mingled beyond parting.

– Trans. by A.K. Ramanujan

This is a Thamizh poem from Sangam Literature.

“And the vintage Tamil verse became the first (also the only Asian and Indian) poem in a set of six, now displayed on the London subway through June-July 2001.”

Read this and this to know the significance of this beautiful verse.
Also listen to Vairamuthu’s rendering of this verse in his own words.
Movie: Iruvar Music: A.R. Rahman.

For further reading:
Poems of Love and War by A.K. Ramanujan

Thanks: Quadruplex Telegraph and Indian Writing

6 thoughts on “Mingled Beyond Parting

  1. I love that song. One of my favourites. And the other dialogue in the movie between Mohanlal and his wife Aish (not the actress Aish) is very good too :
    “unnoadu naan irundha ovvoru maNi thuLiyum
    maraNa padukkaiyilum maRakkaadhu kaNmaNiyae
    thonnooRu nimidangaL thottaNaitha kaalam dhaan
    ennooRu aaNdugaLaai idhayathil kalangudhadi
    paarvaiyilae sila nimidam
    bayathoadu sila nimidam
    katti aNaithabadi kaNNeeril sila nimidam
    ilakkaNamae paaraamal
    ella idangaLilum muththangaL vidhaitha moahathil sila nimidam

    unnoadu naan irundha ovvoru maNi thuLiyum
    maraNa padukkaiyilum maRakkaadhu kaNmaNiyae

    edhu jnayam paavam iruvarukkum thoandravillai
    adu irava adhu pagala adhai patri aRiyavillai
    yaar thodanga? yaar mudikka? oru vazhiyum thoandravillai
    iruvarumae thodangivittoam idhu varaikkum kaeLvi illai

    acham kaLaindhaen aasaiyinai nee aNaithaay
    aadai kaLaindhaen vetkathai nee aNaithaay

    kaNda thirukoalam kanavaaga maRaindhaal
    kadaisiyil azhudha kaNNeer kaiyil innum ottudhadi

    unnoadu naan irundha ovvoru maNi thuLiyum
    maraNa padukkaiyilum maRakkaadhu kaNmaNiyae (2)”

  2. Thanks for the links. I simply loved these lines –

    O did I not think of you?
    and thinking of you,
    did I not think and think again of you?
    and even as I thought of you
    was I not baffled
    by the world’s demands
    that held me to my work?

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