A Prayer for Peace

I pray that some day
The suicide bomber forgets to die
And the soldier forgives his nation
The destroyer values the creator
And the terrorist remembers butterflies

I only wish mothers kissed
Their children more often
And told them tales
Of dreams that came to life
Of sculptors
Of statues chiselled from stone
Of builders
And bricks after bricks
Of farmers
And seedlings sun-kissed

I only hope children understand
The empty silences
And the shattered dreams.

I only hope they believe
In resurrection of the dead
More than in retaliation
In alleviation of hearts
More than in anger
In respect for lives
More than in revenge.

I was reading a poem by Maya Angelou. The poem spoke to me beyond its time and space. Nothing much has changed. I also read another poem by her called “A Brave and Startling Truth” which brought tears to my eyes. The world has remained just the same. Only the poets and idealists have not given up hope. Wonder if there is any change brought about by dreaming alone!

The poem I was initially reading was this one here:

These Yet To Be United States
by Maya Angelou

Tremors of your network
cause kings to disappear.
Your open mouth in anger
makes nations bow in fear.

Your bombs can change the seasons,
obliterate the spring.
What more do you long for ?
Why are you suffering ?

You control the human lives
in Rome and Timbuktu.
Lonely nomads wandering
owe Telstar to you.

Seas shift at your bidding,
your mushrooms fill the sky.
Why are you unhappy ?
Why do your children cry ?

They kneel alone in terror
with dread in every glance.
Their nights [“rights” ? – Schrift nicht lesbar] are threatened daily
by a grim inheritance.

You dwell in whitened castles
with deep and poisoned moats
and cannot hear the curses
which fill your children’s throats.

…And ironically I remembered love, compassion, forgiveness and mercy. And I pray for peace not to invisible gods but to living humans.

This is not one of those hundred and one posts on the importance peace. I sincerely hope it will make us think about the way we live our everyday lives and that we would become aware of the violence that is part of our own psyche.

I also found an animation which seemed to portray what I mean.

5 thoughts on “A Prayer for Peace

  1. ‘violence that is part of our psyche..’ how true! very nice post..sometimes dreams are all that we have…

    I love Maya Angelou’s poems. πŸ™‚

  2. @ Shashi

    Yeah..that is a beautiful movie.. but in the same movie I am not sure how far communism advocates peace.. i have pretty much seen it as an extremist ideology.

    @ Venkat

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

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