Not what you expect!

To love someone
Is to slice a piece of memory
Offering it up at the altar
To stain parts of yourself
With permanent ink
Tattoo yourself on the forehead
“I was a prisoner of love”
To be obscenely happy
And to hide sadness
To love someone
Is a madness disapproved of
A private tingling
Smothered in giggles
And shy glances
Walking in tiptoe
To smuggle sugar lumps
To love someone
Is to sell your soul
To the devil
Be condemned to hell
To love someone
Is injurious to mental health
An addiction
That ruins you
And sucks your blood
Even when you have
Nothing left to offer
To love someone
Is to hide love for others
To overlook parts of yourself
To stifle dreams and desires
To love someone is fear
Lies and more lies
Truth spoken in cryptic poems
Followed by ‘Why’s

Now don’t judge. Don’t ask me why. Don’t try to understand. Don’t try to live my emotions for me. Just leave me be!

17 thoughts on “Not what you expect!

  1. I have read it like 4-5 times till now and just cant help becoming a bigger fan of urs. Every line speaks directly to the heart! Heart is a very scary controller. I am afraid to drown myself into that kind of mad love consciously (u have seen the girl whom I am talking about!) but thats what seems to be happening. Logic is lost and feelings take control and I end up doing lot of things which I would not have done otherwise. I hope some sense returns to me soon!

  2. Hey Venkat

    Good to see you could identify with the ideas in the poem… but let me tell you something… once you’re into something “consciously” then you can always handle it till the end.

    Don’t worry.. sometimes you can enter the unknown territory and return with a treasure… trust and plunge in! Good luck! πŸ™‚

  3. It is not a gamble. Don’t let love control you. You control love. Don’t imagine you’re a lost soul after some great prize. Think you’re giving her an opportunity.. if she takes it fine… if not..then there are many fishes in the sea.

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