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  1. I actually didn’t want to make that observation, cos that would seem like categorising your writing in general..just that, usually, a same ‘feeling’ (or thought or emotion..whatever…) is evoked from beginning to end…but here, you’ve toyed around with many ‘feelings’, in surprisingly, just six lines…don’t want to theorise any further..i loved reading it…:-)

    Very powerful eye there…perhaps your own?

  2. 🙂 Thanks for that elaborate response.. it helped..

    This poem was a fleeting one ..not a rant like my usual ones.. 🙂

    Happiness is fleeting.. sadness stays longer right? In that same sense…

    This is the eye of the man who inspired the poem.. :))

  3. sadness stays longer when you have to trudge through it to find happiness…I liked the drawing AND the poetry…which is so not fleeting 🙂

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